What to put on exterior front windows for spring decor

When the world awakens from its winter sleep, everything seems to look happier and more beautiful. During this period, it is irresistible to want our four corners to look exceptional under the gentle rays of the spring sun. Necessary changes to your front windows for spring decor now.

Spring window awakening

If you need to make changes to your surroundings after a long winter, you should start with your apartment. Experts recommend the shades and colors of spring, as well as to play with color contrasts and, of course, get rid of winter monotony in the decoration of your windows.

If you want to let the energy of spring into your apartment, you should bet on bright colors or patterns associated with this beautiful time of year. Colors such as green, pink or yellow will evoke associations with the awakening to the life of nature. You don’t have to change the color of the walls unnecessarily, just enrich the sofa with decorative cushions dressed in bright colors or floral patterns.

The heavy curtains on the windows should be replaced by light, airy curtains that allow the first rays of the morning sun to illuminate the interior.

If you refresh the room where you spend most of your time, thanks to this it is real to feel a new burst of energy and look at all the changes taking place outside the window with different eyes.

front windows for spring decor

Spring metamorphosis in window design

Designers recommend that you start the spring metamorphosis of your home by changing the color of the roller shutters and curtains on your windows. It’s a relatively easy and quick way to completely visually transform your home space. Get rid of gray, dark colors and heavy fabrics. In their place, place floral patterned fabrics that convey the lush greens, sunny yellows and energy of pink and red flowers. Large flowers combined with matching stripes will help create a stylish and interesting holistic design for the plastic window.

An element that is sure to bring a spring aura to the room are the bright, colorful flowers on the roller shutters. Tulips of intense colors are associated primarily with warm, sunny days. Near such a window everyone would love to enjoy a meal, have a cup of tea or read a book. The room seems spotless, but cozy.

People who do not feel comfortable with intense colors should put on pastel colors, which for several seasons have consistently dominated not only our closets, but also perfectly suitable for window decoration. Green perfectly harmonizes not only with white, but also with pastel colors, giving a spring mood to the plastic window.

With the arrival of spring, you want change more than anything else. This is not surprising. Awakening to the life of nature, inclines to replace recently desirable dense materials with bright and airy fabrics, which allow you to let more light into the apartment. It is important to note that window accessories, made from 100% cotton – will further emphasize the closeness to nature.

Romantic mood in window decoration

Spring is a time of life, a time when feelings are born. It is a very romantic time of year, the mood of which can be captured in a version of plastic window decoration. Window decor details and color accents should reflect the romantic aspect of spring.

Gloomy blinds and curtains should be replaced with airy curtains, especially in shades of white. For many, white is the color of purity and innocence. And that’s what spring is, too – incredibly beautiful, ethereal, and fresh. Windows decorated with tulle curtains of fine fabric allow more light into the house, and being in a brightly lit room has a positive effect on our senses and well-being in general. We become happier and show a positive attitude to people and life.

However, if you do not like the usual white curtains, and you think they are too pretentious, or over the winter tired of monochrome, you can choose curtains with delicate patterns, preferably floral. Or add greenery, which symbolizes the spring mood in window decorations like no other color.

Some users do not like to decorate windows with curtains and drapes. They prefer blinds or fabric roller shutters. For them, there are also solutions on the market to be on trend in the spring. It is important that the accessory decorating the plastic window has a floral pattern, and this picture of nature is a joy.

Fabric roller blinds with delicate floral applique and charming ribbons will also bring a romantic spring note to the interior. Such a roller blind can be sewn by yourself. It will not require much sacrifice and will take a little time. Much also depends on our creativity and mood. It is safe to say that as a result, the plastic window will be framed with such an accessory, which will definitely stand out among others.

If classic shutters are not innovative for you, then you can decide on the Roman variant of this window accessory. Despite the fact that the fabric of a Roman blind at first glance seems dense, it lets in a lot of light, which is so important for the spring mood.

Spring window decorations love flowers

After completing the decor of plastic windows, you can also decorate the windowsill with the help of herbs grown in pots, which is especially relevant for the kitchen window. These plants need, above all, sun and moderate humidity, so they are not particularly demanding. And there’s nothing that will improve the flavor of food like the aroma of fresh dill, basil, marjoram, or green onions picked from a windowsill. In addition to taste, a home vegetable garden on the windowsill also serves an aesthetic function. Welcoming the spring awakening at home thanks to it will be much easier and more harmonious.

Plastic windows in other rooms can be decorated with spring flowers – bouquets of daffodils, hyacinths or tulips. Just buy bulbs or seeds at a gardening store and let them grow. Nothing evokes such a feeling of spring and is not so striking as window sills decorated with wonderful delicate flowers, harmonizing with the accessories on the windows.

Breezy interior for spring in harmony with windows

With giant steps this year, spring broke in, but it is an immutable truth that the spring weather and the beauty of awakening nature can be enjoyed by humans for quite a long time. We hope we were able to convince you that in order to fully feel the atmosphere of this beautiful time of year, it is necessary to make changes in the decor of the apartment. If you already have plastic windows installed, you do not need to plan a major renovation, just small touches that will bring spring into any interior.

In addition to decorating the windows in the spring design, it is worth filling the room with elements of similar colored fabrics (pillows, tablecloths and bedspreads).

In addition to decorating the window sill, you can place vases in different parts of the room, which on any day can be filled with fresh flowers. A vase with fresh flowers will go well with a bright tablecloth on the table. An additional element of the spring interior decor will be multicolored napkins in the tone of curtains or roller blinds.

The spring climate should also be introduced into the bedroom, so that immediately after waking up you can feel its energy. Changing the blankets to lighter ones, more suitable for warm nights, it is a good idea to change the sheets to new ones in bright colors or with floral patterns.

Of course, do not forget to choose curtain rods and appropriate accessories for curtains, which will be in harmony with the spring mood of your plastic window.